At Reid Homes, we wouldn’t think of sacrificing length for width. So, we give you both in our “smart” Wise Lot™.

The ‘whys’ for Wise Lot™

It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to us to compromise the length by stretching the lot sideways. We see that as ‘losing ground’ – something that won’t happen with a Wise Lot™ from Reid Homes.

If you think that a wider lot – without the additional length – means more space, you should do what we did. At Reid Homes, we looked at ‘wide-only’ lots from all sides and here’s what we found:

The Disadvantages of a ‘wide-only’ Lot

● Home designs on ‘wide-only’ lots are limited – even compromised.

● Shorter hallways mean less buffer between the outside and the inside, and between rooms.
(Grande foyers and entrances have always been a feature!)

● In order to have back yard space, your house will be situated closer to the street end of your lot.
With more of each house facing the street, your privacy is limited.

● In a ‘wide-only’ site, your neighbours on both sides and at the back park much closer to your home.

At Reid Homes, we’re known for our scrupulous attention-to-detail.  We looked at the market, thoroughly considered the ‘wide-only’ lot idea, and came to this conclusion:

Wider is only better if the length isn’t compromised

The Advantages of our Wise Lot™

The Advantages of our Wise Lot™

● Our Wise Lot™ is much larger (approx. 40′ x 125′).
● The Wise Lot™ is wider, longer, bigger, better and roomier.
● There’s more room between homes on a Wise Lot™.
● Your family has room to breathe on a Wise Lot™.
● The Wise Lot™ has ample room for a double car garage.
● The Wise Lot™ is a pool-sized lot.
● The Wise Lot™ offers covered porches.
● The Wise Lot™ is a safe distance from the street, more parking

Our families need room to breathe.  That’s our way of thinking.  Give them width and give them length.  That’s how we came up with what we call the Wise Lot™.

The Wise Lot™ . . . a lot more than just extra wide!

wider . . . longer . . . bigger . . . better


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